Mac OS X screenshot in a new movie!

LOL ...
They almost always use macs in movies...
I have a fun time point then out when watching a movie ;)
Usually only when I watch em at home, not at the theater :p

That dialog violates Aqua UI Guidelines - it's using a box to group elements! That movie must suck!
Listen to yourself: «That movie must suck because it's using a box to group elements!» COME-ON! That movie will suck because Martin Lawrence is in it, not because «it's using a box to group elements!»...

Holywood usually don't care about the computer displaying somekind of operating system, so at least it's more realistic in that case...
You ever notice how you can hear the sounds of a floppy disk drive grinding away when almost any Hollywood computer is on screen?

BTW, what do you mean that movie's gonna be bad? It looks hilarious!

After that screen, it clearly shows 2 flat panels. One is for sure OS X, the other looks like it, but might be something else, its at a bad angle.
I always laugh when you have a someone using a computer in a movie tapping away at a keyboard when they are using a GUI without a CLI in sight.