Mac OS X Security Update!


Unofficial Mac Genius
Apple has issued a security update to Mac OS X!

It's most likely that this is resolving the issue exploiting the recent menu items that gives root access to the launched application.

There is also a IE 5.1 security update, probably due to that auto-unstuff and execute .bin and .hqx files. This is only available through the software update control panel.
Apple plugged up the recently revealed security hole!

A little more timely (within a few days, even!) than our friend in Redmond. :D

Have fun resting easy now, people. Apple still has security as one of its top priorities, judging by how fast this update was released.

Also, the IE update does fix the auto-executing unbinhexed files that are auto-processed by IE. (Wow, maybe our friends in Redmond DO have security issues at heart....... nah. ;) ) also notes these updates.