Mac OS X Server 1.2 and NetBoot


I'm relatively new to this forum, but have been wrestling with a problem for several weeks. We have a G4 running Mac OS X Server 1.2, which was set up by an independent consultant who is now, shall we say, unavailable. When he set up the server, he installed NetBoot, and for a while we were able to NetBoot with the iMacs on the network. However we had a power-outage (and I hadn't moved the UPS:( ) and after that we had a number of problems, including the fact that AppleShare got turned off (people couldn't find the server in the Chooser anymore). Somehow, I managed to get AppleShare (or whatever it's called in MOSXS--Apple File Services?) restarted, and did away with the AppleTalk zones on the network, which seemed to be complicating everything. But I still can't get NetBoot to work again.

Any NetBoot troubleshooting tips aside from running the NetBoot Setup Assistant again (which I have done, to no effect)? If I could find some good NetBoot troubleshooting documentation, I'd be delighted. I have found the documentation for Server 1.2 to be sadly lacking, and it looks like any new documentation that is written will be for Server 10.x.

Thanks in advance for any help.