Mac OS X Server setup


Hi Guys,

I have posted this on another website, but it wasn't server based so am reposting it here.

If this is the wrong section then feel free to move it or point me in the right direction.

Got in to work today, and am confronted with 4 iMacs and a Mini mac. Boss comes in, and explains he wants me to set up them with the Mini mac running as the server.
I've never used a mac before, but have set up a fair few windows servers before, and would consider myself pretty up to date with most of the technology. Its probably the sort of thing I need to learn anyway, so I'd like to do it myself.

The way we would like it to work, is so that anyone can log on to any of the iMacs using a network user stored on the mini mac. All the applications are installed on the iMacs.

I spent the day learning from various resources how (or how not to) do this.

I don't have a mac with me so some things might not be called the right thing. So far, this is what I understand I need to do:

On the Mini Mac server:

Set up user accounts in Server Preferences

In group/profile management set up a 'Share Space' for each user, and then for each user with the 'Share Space' selected click 'Make Home' or something similar.

The in the same page, add the iMac using the ip, hardware code and something else.

Then on the iMac:

In system preferences, select users, then more options, allow network users.

I did eventually do this yesterday, but in the wrong order and somehow hashed something up, so the iMac could see the network users but the login screen would just shake at me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards