Mac os x System


Mac os x is not a bad os. It all depends on your system . Such as your memory how many application you accutaly have on your comp or is your virtual memory on is there a fire wall blocking you. The os itself is not messed up . As for me my mac os x is running smothly 128mb i have a little bit of a overload of programs no fire wall. Another reasoon why your version of mac os x can be counterfit. Mine came from the apple store itself. If your internet service is slow that could be one of the reasons your version sucks. Various problems are caused by mac os x and I am finding out about them. Check your hard drive and try to have mor than what it asked for you. (1.6Gb) It all sounds very compilcated but it works fine for me but if you have any problems just e-mail me at And i can probaly solve it for you. (51% of me being able to acutally solve your problem. If I don't understand at first I might need more details) THank you and this is my report of Mac os X. ;-)
yeah.. when I was 11 the coolest thing was my commodore cassette drive I got for my VIC-20. I could actually SAVE a program and not have to type it in every time! LOL
Lucky b@$t@rd :p
When I was 11 I was drooling over amstrads and amigas that my friends had ... :p

--> now I run em under emulation :p <--
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Uhhhh, what?

Sorry senordingdong25, I hope I did not offend you by my comment. Thank you for your offer to help others with their computer problems, very noble indeed!

jdog:D :eek:
not only is he 11 and noble in his efforts to help, but he has one of the coolest usernames I've seen!:D
Cool, endian!

Now I'm sending in pics of my Atari 400 that they are somehow lacking. God, I love that membrane keyboard!!:D
I just glad I didn't see any of my systems there (like my IIcx or any of the Quadra series). I did see a pic of the TRS-80 Pocket Computer Model PC-2 that I had in high school (which was why I wasn't 'into' computers before I got my first SE/30 ).:p