Mac OS X Themes


KU Mac Geek
If Mac OS X had Theme support, I would want Aqua Blue, Aqua Graphite, HiTech, Drawing Board, and my favorite for kids, Gizmo. The Mac OS 8.5+ themes for Gizmo was bland. Copland was supposed to have animations and a better interface. Mac OS X should do this to. Every user can change their theme, 3rd parites can make their own. Lets make the Mac "Look Different".

Here is my first attempt at a Drawing Board OS X Theme. OK, it's not a theme, but a picture I made in Photoshop 6.

Drawing Board OS X

For those who have never seen the 'True' Gizmo (IMHO:)), Apple had a 'preview' of sorts on the Apple Media Tool Evaluation CD that came with my old PM 5400 model. Here is a clip:


Please post what themes you want in OS X! People have changed Aqua, but lets fully change the OS.

I plan on making a Gizmo or HiTech picture this week. I'll post it if/when I do.