Mac OS X USB to Parallel Connector Driver Help.


I am trying to hook my Epson LQ-570+ ESCP2 Printer to my Mac Mini. I bought a USB to Parallel (IEEE-1284) Connector in order to connect them together but come to find out, the Connector is for PC only. I am running Mac OS X 10.3.9 and is there a way I can convert/install the driver from the CD that came with the connector onto my Mac? And just for a little background a few months ago I switched from Windows to Mac so I pretty much don't have a clue about most of the applications/features/abilities associated with Macintosh and Apple. I appreciate any help I can get.
If I choose USB in the Device drop down box in Add Printer of Print & Fax, the box below it shows in the "Product" column "IEEE-1284 Controller" and right next to that in the "Type" column it has "Driver Not Installed".
I don't really think it is the Driver for the Printer because I downloaded that from The USB/Parallel Controller is what has "Driver Not Installed" and since it is a PC only Cable I know that is ONE of the problems but I won't be sure if it is the only problem until I can get the driver installed. So what I am doing now is trying to find a way to install the driver off of the CD that came with the Cable onto Mac OS X but I haven't found out any conversions yet.
I don't know how helpful this will be because I am running OS X 10.4, I don't have a USB - parallel converter nor an Epson LQ 570 printer.

Anyway, here goes. Given that your computer recognizes the USB - parallel converter that might not be the problem. When you get the "Driver Not Installed" message do you see a "Print Using:" pop-up menu?

If you do, try choosing "ESP" then "Epson 24-Pin series".

I hope that helps more than it hinders!
USB to parallel causes sometimes heavy problems. And most of the time it's not supported by the manufacturers.
Thanks BorneoBound, that worked, my Printer works now. And thanks to everyone who replied ya'll were a big help. Hopefully this will help someone who might have this same problem in the future(unless I'm the only one left on this planet that still uses dot matrix). Thanks Again.