Mac OSX 10.1 PUMA 5F26 (Macworld Preview) Sucks!


I just got my hands on Mac OSX 10.1 PUMA 5F26 (Macworld Preview) and it totally Sucks! Don't even bother installing this crap! Wait until Apple releases the actual 10.1 update in September. Hopefully it will be better.

Why did it suck for me:

1. System preferences locked up every single time they were launched. Thus I could never configure my system.
2. Window resizing wasn't that much faster at all.
3. 2 Bounce App launch? BS! The apps took just as long to work. IE talking up to 18 bounces.
4. Could supposedly (according to "Internet Connect") make an internet connection but not one internet app worked.
5. Some docklings didn't work.
6. Sum it up in two words "SPINNING BEACHBALL"!

Should be renamed MAC SPINNING BEACH BALL 10.1!

G4 Tower 400mhz Sawtooth
20 Gig Drive
17" ADC Studio Display
A build which was only intended for demonstrating a few features at macworld would be optimized quite heavily for a specific hardware config and be unlikely to have complete functionality.
I've linked to this before but here you go:

5F26 is not the MWNY (SJ Demo) version. Also, you have a dev seed. These things are sent out for developers to make their particular products work with the code. Bells and whistles are not a priority.

If the items you list are still a problem in sept. (won't be, I promise) when the real version is released, then I'll join you in your complaints.;)