Mac OSX 10.3.9 installation considerations


I've searched this forum, but I can't find anything relevant. I remember @ the time of 10.3.9 release, there were some issues that were experienced and reported as problems with the 10.3.9 update. I'm currently downloading the 113.4 MB Combo update, and I've downloaded the 202 KB Java fix for 10.3.9
What other considerations should I take into account before running the update? I suppose I'll have to to backup my data, run permission repair...what else? :)
If you have installed any extensions for Safari (Pithelmet etc.), remove them before updating to 10.3.9. Also, disable all haxies etc. I'd download any updates you find for free-/shareware as well, basically any application or tool you're actively using. Update them _before_ applying the combo updater. Then you should be fine.

Oh, and yeah: DO make a backup of everything. If you haven't got the space for that, do make a backup of everything important at least.