Mac OSX Next Rev


Super Organism
Well, I've just about done everything I can to try to get OS X to run on my machine, and I am certain now that it wont. I pretty much removed everything from the machine including the personality card and extra video memory for the DVD option, and it still won't recognize the on board ATI chip. I even tried reinstalling a IXMicro card after removing the personality card and extra video memory, and it wouldn't accept that either. I tried every combination I could think of, and still the video goes out after the happy Mac icon appears. I also tried OF (set-defaults), zapping PRAM in every case. As far as I am concerned my Beige G3 with the Audio / Video DVD personality card is not supported. I would love for someone to prove me wrong, but I am pretty sure that is not going to happen. One thing I didn't try was using another CD drive other than the DVD ROM, which could have something to do with it, but I don't have any spare Apple CD-ROM drive setting around. So if anyone else wnat to take a crack at it, you might want to try that.

I would like to know when apple plans to release the next beta or any news on the current state of the released beta?

[Sort of on another note}

After that 50% loss in their stock the other day, I guess maybe now is not the best time to complain about some G3's not working with the new OS. 8) A good time for us to buy stock though, considering the future looks bright for Apple. It doesn't help though when you ship your new cool model with manufacturing flaus in the plastic. Bad move on thier part, and the design of the plastic curves. They should have did more testing instead of trying to rush these things out the door. Less than expected earnings, and flaud machines, that are specifically designed with appearence being one their main selling points. Steve needs to slow down he is getting way ahead of him self, regardless of what the future looks like for Apple.

I guess I have Windows ME to play with until I get a Rev of X that will run on my machine, not that ME is a comparison. I think Microsoft should have named Windows ME, Windows Mac, since they are trying to make it as easy to use as a Mac, and using all the same selling points.

Her's looking foward to the next Rev!