Mac OSX on G3 266 desktop beige


I have a big problem installing macOSX v.10.03. After Restarting from the installer on MacOSX CD, my computer can't boot from the CD, and dies. In order making my computer run again it needs to zap PRAM.
I've read that I need to update the firmware, but I can't find anywhere an update for G3 beige.
Please help me.

My configuration:
G3 266Mhz desktop beige
* IDE/ATA bus 0 - ID 0: original internal 4 gb HD [MacOS 9.04]
* IDE/ATA bus 1 - ID 0 30 GB HD(Master), CD RW, ID 1 (Slave)
* RAM DIMMs - 128 MB, 64 MB, 64 MB = 256 MB
* serial (printer port) - HP LaserJet 5mp
* SCSI - MO drive Fujitsu 640mb, Scaner Umax Astra-1220s
I have a G3 300 Beige DT. I have never had a problem until now. I d/l 5G24 (10.1 Beta Build) and I am now having the exact same prob as you. I am currently looking for the firmware update for my computer on Apple's Support pages. If I find it, I will let you know. If you already found it, let me know! Thanks.
I have the same prob as that other guy, and somebody just told me that they didnt think that there were firmware updates for my comp either. So, I dont know why the system wont boot from the 5G24 CD. Fricken annoying.
I see that your cdrom is a slave drive. Max OS X needs to boot from a master. I have a beige g3 266 dt and a had the same problem. A have a second HD on the same ATA bus as my CDrom. What I did was to configure my cdrom as a master and hd as a slave and installed osx. Then of course i couldn't boot from my hd until a changed it make to slave again. Hope this helps.
if your right.... you are my god =).. we are gonna get 5g40 tonight.. but i cant wait until then to see OSX behaving like a bad ass fast OS.. so I want to get 5G24 installed so badly. Thanks so much man.