MAC OSX/OS10.1 Desktop Pictures


Does anyone know where I can get the desktop backgrounds that come with OSX and OS10.1? Would anyone be willing to send them to me. Tried luck.

Thanks alot
One feature that I wanted to see in the new OSX (OSX 10.1) was the "Active Desktop" feature of the PC computer.

I know, I know, PC sucks... but we copy off them, they copy off us, can't we all just get along?

The feature is a great way of displaying an active website on your desktop. I used a pc for a while and loved that feature.

As a web developer, I would love to start creating "active websites" which would be customized to be on the desktop.

Talk about easy "Theme changing" -- with a website that wouldn't be a problem at all.

The web has become such a big pard of using a computer, why not bring it to the desktop.

I know not all computers are online all the time, but a growing number of people are. Software companies (like Adobe) assume that you're online or have an internet connection for registering their software.

Just a thought... what do you think?
Those pictures in that category aren't the default pictures that come with Mac OS x.

Also, re: active desktops - then people could execute malicious worms right from the finder just like Windows!
That's a great point. One I didn't really think of.

However, if I select the website to be posted, and was viewing it from my browser, wouldn't that be the same thing?

It could be a freestanding app. but it would act as the desktop...

All it would be is a browser behind the icons... couldn't we accomplish that?

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So that's why they call you evildan. :D

Yeah... Actually I WAS working at a authorized Mac dealer when I got that nickname.

It wasn't becuase I once used a PC's though :)

At the store where I worked, there was another "Dan" he was born the exact same day I was born. We often got calls and email from customers mixed up. After getting all of his calls, and him all mine, some one said started calling him good dan and me evil dan.

Better then MSdan or IBMdan or even iDan... actually I like iDan.
I doubt we'll see any sort of active desktop anytime soon. Steve jobs vehemently disagrees wiht Gates on the browser/os integreation issue. This is why we don't have hyperlink singleclicking icons for the most part, nor is IE our finder. Quite frankly, nobody makes use of the feature on PCs anyway.

I once tried making an active channel for my school's site way back in the dark ages of me on a PC and IE 4.0. IE then discontinued channels for the most part, and most people don't even know what the active desktop is. I would liek the ability to put animtions or sometinhg up there just for kicks, but eh..i cna live without it. Besides I'm not a big fan of using my computer liek a giant website.
I will be severely disppointed if the Active Desktop is put into Mac OS. I HATE it in Windows, and one reason why my Windows desktop at work is still NT and not 2k. It makes the shell so much slower. Check out to see things you can do to strip out IE from the system.
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I will be severely disppointed if the Active Desktop is put into Mac OS. I HATE it in Windows, and one reason why my Windows desktop at work is still NT and not 2k. It makes the shell so much slower. Check out to see things you can do to strip out IE from the system.


Maybe I'm looking at this whole idea wrong. I wouldn't suggest mac copies what windows is doing. I know they have the active desktop. I think it could be very workable.

That's where the operating system is leading up to. The more people who are online, and online all the time, the more people out there that want their computer to become more dynamic. Why do you think theames are so popular? People love to change the look of their computer.

I installed OSX on my systems, and was happy to just have a machine that had a different look to it. About a month after having OSX installed I wanted to customize it. OSX has kept me busy just in the ability I have to change things within it.

It's on it's way...

Of course, how long before advertisers convince companies like Apple that they want a channel into the end user's desktop? If that happens, I want the ability to shut off "active desktop" all together.

Which is why I would like it to be an option, NOT a requirement.
Yeah. But if an "active desktop"-like feature happened to OS X, I sure hope it would be completely optional, unlike Windows, where you need 3rd party stuff just to strip out a lot of it. Maybe it sounds "old school", but if I want to use the web, I open a web browser. Right tool for the job, you know? I just don't want to see my entire desktop become that proper tool. :)
That's a good point,

One of the things that I didn't like about Windows™ was the fact that it became too many things and ignored the whole operating system function.

Operating systmes don't really need to be that busy. Their main function is to locate files and launch programs on your system. Anything beyond that can really detract from the important featurs.
Back when I was using Windows 98 for general use and Mac for everything else, I used Active Desktop. I'd say it was useful to be able to make a web page and use it as your desktop. Laying out images and favorite links to go right on your desktop was neat! I can live without that no problem (I have for a while ;)), and I'd say for what I was using active desktop for can be easily achieved by a folder of links in the Dock.

I don't see Apple doing this: Jobs has enough tact/pride to not blatantly rip off Windows features and the fact that he's against integrating a browser into the OS. However, it would be really neat if a third party could write a little something to do this.

On a side note, sometimes I read recommendations to not use a desktop picture in OS 9 to save memory, imagine using a web page!
Just imagine how slow a webpage instead of a picture would b under os x.
Its already slow enough, even without active desktop :D
Maybe I'm getting this all wrong :confused:, but the standard OS X 10.1 desktop pics are in /Library/Destop Pictures/. Get them there =]
i am running windows :( and until i get the $$$ to get my mac, i want my computer to look like a mac... so if it is possible, please, somebody upload these...
I've sent you a privmsg with url, bling.

I can imagine you want those pics on a desktop, they're really hi-q. I especially like the abstract ones.