Mac OSX Windows NT 4


How can i conect my Mac whit Mac OSX to an Windows NT4 computer?.
I can do it to an windows 2000 computer whitout problems.
i'm guessing you want file access?

then you need to find a copy of samba for macosX.

samba is a open source SMB file protocol tool.

there are a few threads on samba. do a search on samba, and see if those threads help

good luck!

During the OS X Beta FeedBack period, I sent a Feedback reporting an issue with mounting "AppleShare" volumes from an NT 4 server...

Apple replied back stating there is no support nor any plans for supporting "Traditional" NT 4 Appleshare volumes... Basicly saying only modern AppleShare over IP... AFP etc....

The NT 4 "Services For Macintosh" is plain jane Appleshare and not Appleshare over IP. Unless Microsoft releases in part of any future Service Pack for NT 4, a fix or change for the Servisec For Macintosh.... There will be no native way and have to depend on third party software...

to mount NT/Win9.x shares... download Sharity
to Share you files with NT/Win9.x download Samba