Mac OX X 10.1 Mail Quits Unexpectedly



I installed Mac OS X 10.2 about three weeks ago and set up 5 accounts. Everything works fine except that yesterday whenever I attempted to start Mail it would immediately quit. The error message I get is "Application Mail Unexpectedly Quit". The console error log didnot not provide me with enough information to figure out what was wrong. (or either I didn't know what I was looking at).

The other mail accounts work fine, I renamed all of the mailboxes in my account and restarted with the same error message.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? And does anyone know how to correct it?


I also started having a problem with Mail yesterday. The SendMail folder showed up blank. I finally found the folder with Sherlock but it had been locked. Once I unlocked it from the finder it now shows up.

I also can no longer like from email to my browser. Repeated attempts to reset the browser from Internet preferences are unsuccessful always going back to a blank setting. Ideas?