Mac>pc>mac Transfers


Okay, I would first like to say that I have one mac, two PC's, and they all connect wirelessly to a Linksys router. The internet works perfectly.

That said, all file transfers from the pc to mac go extremely slow. They are slower than if I were to send the file to someone else (outside my network) over msn. As well, I cannot see any computers (except .local) in my Network tab (I'm using 10.4.2). The only way I can connect to the mac to transfer files is to map the ip of my mac's network drive on the pc to see the mac. My workgroup is MSHOME (easy to remember), and it is set on both pc's, and the mac (in directory access). I think it should be working, but it never does.

Occasionally I see a computer 'pop' into the network thing, but less than a second later, it's gone (or when I click on it, it disappears). I have reset all computers, and this happens each time. I do not have a firewall enabled on any of the computers (however, the router does have one, but it should allow internal traffic).

The signal strength is perfect for all the devices, with multiple Airport Expresses extending the signal through WDS. Any help is appreciated, as this is really annoying, and I don't see what Apple is talking about when they say that it plays nicely with PC's.
There is an issue with 10.4.2 and Samba. Do a search in the threads for "Samba" and "Tiger" and you should have a bunch of hits with answers and links.

Let us know if you have any luck.