Mac/PC query


HI, I am currently running Mac OS Tiger 10.4.2, I am obviously running Yahoo messenger & MSN Messenger Macintosh versions.. however a lot of features on these programmes are limited on Mac versions compared to PC versions.

I initially had a thought of purchasing Virtual PC and hoping that maybe I could download & run the PC versions of Yahoo messenger & MSN messenger after installing that programme, however before I make such a purchase I was wondering if there were any other types of software availiable for Macintosh that would do the same thing, and possibly cheaper or maybe even free?

Basically the reasoning for this is all my online friends have PC"s and can use the voice feature on Yahoo Messenger, however this feature isn't available on the Mac version.. and I reeeeeaaalllly want to be able to join in with voice chats online..

I would really appreciate if anyone could answer my question.. or suggest an alternative for voice chats from Mac to PC..

It would be a tremendous help.

Thanks in advance for anyone who replies.
You could install VPC, but since you are really wanting to use the voice chat features you will find that VPC is not fast enough for audio much less for video. There is an open source emulator available but it is several times slower than VPC and would be even less satisfactory.

Apple's iChat AV supports AIM and you might take a look to see if that will satisfy your desires. Other than that you will be better off using a cheap PC than you will trying to use VPC on your Mac.
Thanks for the reply, I was pointed in the direction of Skype... the service that allows voice chat..?

Has anyone ever used this? apparently it's free, I'm wary.. nothing is for free these days surely?
Yes, Skype is your best choice. AOL Instant Messenger apparently works for voice between the two platforms as well.