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I know this is a very tired thread, but I've searched this forum and google and haven't found anything that solves my problems.

I just inherited a very messed-up PC from some family. I took out two HDD's from it, blanked those using my Mac, reconfigured BIOS settings, cleaned the thing up and put XP Pro on it. My problem is that I really don't know XP networking that well, because in my time of owning PC's I have never messed with it before.

What I want to do is start filesharing between my Mac and my PC, as well as internet sharing. My Mac connects to the net using Airport from a D-LINK router, and I have the PC and the Mac hooked together with a CAT5 cable. I've tried to configure filesharing, but it's proven to be a real hassle bearing no fruit to speak of. Internet sharing seems almost completely unreachable. Please, how do I do this correctly?????

Oh and please, no workarounds like getting the PC a wireless adaptor. I want THESE problems solved.
Ok. Networking in XP 101:

Open "My Network Places" on the PC and click "Network setup wizard" (in that column to the left of the window). Complete that and restart the computer.

EDIT: Less confusion.

Connect both the PC and the Mac to the router. Connect your internet into the uplink on the router (I would imagine it already is). Get the name of the PC by right-clicking on "My Computer" and then "Properties" and then the "Computer Name" tab....

On the Mac, in the finder menu, click "Go" and then "Connect to server..." and enter "smb://computername" (no quotes) (where 'computername' is the name of the PC).

To share files/folders on the PC, right-click the file or folder you want to share and then click "Sharing and Security" and then check "Share this folder on the network" and "Allow network users to change my files"(will allow you to add/remove files to the folder).

You can IM me for help on AIM at riccbhard750

If there is no password on the PC, when you enter "smb://computername" on the mac it will ask "Select a share" and from the list you will (hopefully) see the list of shared files/folders on the PC.