MAC PC USB Keyboard and KVM Solution


Hi All, I am a new convert to Mac and boy do I love it - my company just purchased a G4 Powerbook for me, which I am intending to use as my primary work computer, but am still migrating from PC, since I am so used to my other setup. One of the things I want to do is KVM switch between my USB Keyboard/Mouse to the Mac, but I am concerned with compatibility. My current Keyboard is PS2 so I need to buy a new USB keyboard so I can use it with a USB KVM switch. What I want to know is:

What is a good USB keyboard that is cross platform compatible between a PC and MAC ?

Can I use a USB Hub to KVM switch ALL my USB devices ? That would be GREAT if I could, because I have a USB Scanner and Canon printer that both work on Mac OS X and would be SWEET if I could switch between all my devices. Is this possible ? Do I need a special USB KVM solution to acheive this ? Has anyone else succeeded doing this ?

Thanks for advice in advance,