Mac Pro Frozen On Update

Jim Underwood

I updated my Mac Pro Desktop to High Sierra this am it is frozen on the Terms and Conditions page. the cursor moves but no response to clicks. Plugged in wired mouse same result. I would usually hard reboot at this stage but am unsure what will happen because the install has not been completed. Any ideas?
What did you end up doing?
Hitting restart would begin the process again. If you come up with problems, a re-install would be in order.
You also need to give more details, such as what Mac you have and, in particular, your HD--High Sierra is designed for SSDs and tries to load a new architecture. I blather about this in the sticky thread.

Did you update over Al Gore's Interwebs or create an installation disk?

Do you like long walks on the beach, and what is your bank account number and soc[Right! Stop that!--Ed.]

All of those things can impact on success or failure.

Finally, PLEASE let us know you cloned/backed up your drive.