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R Muzik


I have a G5 with two LCD Samsung 213T LCD screens. My problem is that I keep on getting an irritating high pitched noise from inside the computer when I move the mouse around the screen. The noise is slight but very irritating. The sound occurs when the hard drive is inactive and I just move the mouse. I belive this to be a monitor fault or a graphics card fault? Does anoybody out there know how to stop this sound?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Are you sure the sound is coming from the computer and not the speakers? I had a problem where a video card was interfering with a sound card, and had similar problems.

Whenever I'd move the mouse (or move a window etc.) I'd hear a high pitched buzz, but it was being heard through the speakers and would go away if I turned them off. This was a problem on an old PC, and I solved it by moving the sound card to a PCI slot further away from the video card.

Not sure it this will help any...


I used to have a similar problem in Windows. I found that it was solved by muting everything except the bare essentials.

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
no, i have this. R Muzik, check to see if it is all the time, or only when you mouse over something more graphics reliant. quartz stuff for example, like the dock magnification, or expose. i notice this. it is, i can only assume, the graphics processor making computation noises, as a result of more of the MacOS GUI being rendered on the GPU instead of the CPU.


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i get a wierd little noise from my g5 when i use a scroll bar. same sorta thing. i wondered if it was HDD noise as it accesses stuff.

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
no, i spent much time on this (the speed in which a deadline aproaches is directly proportional to the amount of time you spend on anything other than that work). i played with all the things that trigger the noise with my case open, with my ear scanning around - it's either the G5's, or the Radeon directly above that. i think it;s the radeon, as it seemed more apparent after tiger, and more so after i turned and left on Quartz 2D Extreme. so more quartz going through the GPU and more noise from it.

slightly irritating. is this a bug?


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Sounds like the same problem as I have; it's the power supply that makes funny noises when the processor quickly goes on and off like when drawing graphics at high frame rates. The G5 has a 'nap' mode which allows the computer to more or less disable the CPU(s) when not in use.

Install the Developer Tools that came on the same disc as Mac OS X. Make sure to include the CHUD when installing. You can probably deselect about everything else unless you're a programmer or want to play.
After installing, you'll have a pane called 'Processor' in System Preferences. Click it and deselect 'Allow Nap'. You'll have to do that after every restart as this setting is automatically reset.

Good luck - worked for me and even removed some other high-frequency noises :)