Mac SE games from PC; is it possible


Hi all
I was cleaning out the closet and found my mac SE I got at a tag sale in 2000 and finally have time to mess around with it.

At this time I dont have acess to any other macs.

I found MacintoshGarden and other abandonware sites. I also read about using stuffit to move files between PC and mac. But I have two questions.

My SE only uses 800k disks-the System 6.0.8 startup and system additions disks are 1.4, so it can't see them.

And something I read about stuffit only working for system 7 and later had me discouraged. I tried mac_Pc tools and it also made a 1.4disk, not readable on my Mac SE.

Any suggestions as to how I can write mac-format games to floppies on a PC floppy drive to be 800k mac readable?
Unfortunately, PC's cannot work with 800k Mac disks.
You will need a Mac with a HD drive as a go-between - I use an LC475.

1) Download files on PC.
2) Copy to 1.4MB PC formatted disk.
3) Open on HD Mac, copy to hard drive. Put 800K disk in, copy files to 800k disk.
4) Place 800k disk in SE.