Mac Server 10.3.9 Interaction With Os X 10.4


I just resetup our Mac server 10.3.9 and imported all the users, and created a Students group to use for Preferences. After going into Workgroup Manager and setting all the appropriate Preferences for the Students group I logged in from our new 10.4 tiger machine.

The user logs in just fine and their folders on the server are showing up great, in that case the communication work fine. Unfortunately none of the Preferences I set in Workgroup Manager are taking effect. I've tried setting the Directory Access between "Open Directory" and "From Server" with the exact same results no matter which is selected.

If I set the same restrictions on a solitary user then the Preferences for that user will take effect, but not for the group. Since I'm dealing with over 1500+ users setting the same permissions for all of them is not a viable option.

The other odd piece is that if I login from a 10.3x station the group Preferences are read and applied, but the mappings of the users personal folders to the server aren't working. I get an error after login and it tries to set their folders locally instead of to the server.

Any ideas and help will be greatly appreciate.