.Mac sync problems (probably tiger related)


Simply Daemonic
Back to having .Mac sync problems.
It is REALLY driving me nuts! I have not been able to sync my local iDisk with the server. It connects, claims that it is done syncing - but when I go to my website (through my and other computers) the files are not there :confused:

Now...on my work machine, which runs on panther, it seems that files on that local iDisk are synced without a problem (well at least my docs folder sync w/o a problem).

Any ideas?
Are you in Tiger? Go to Preferences > .Mac > Advanced and reset sync data so your computer overrides .Mac not the other way around (which is the default, especially when you have more than 1 computer on the sync list).
tried that - but that only takes care of bookmarks, addressbook, ical (and anything that is checked off in the iSync list) but it doesn't take care of the items in the iDisk that are not syncing (example: the Sites folder)