Mac Themes vs. Apple Lawyers


I just read on the Slashdot web site that according to Macworld UK,
"Macworld UK is reporting that Apple is threatening the Mac Themes
Project for creating a theme editor. Apple accuses them of
contributing to trademark infringement by enabling people to copy
Apple's graphics. They've issued a cease-and-desist order insisting
that MTP remove their theme editor from all webservers under their
control, "including any hyperlink to other locations where the
material may be available". They're even trying to invoke a shaky
clause in their OS licenses which prohibit reverse-engineering the
operating system since the theme editor utilizes unpublished specs.
Apple is famous for its unfriendly attitude toward developers and tech
media, but this is just ridiculous. How could they possibly suffer any
damage by MTP's efforts? "
Think of it this way....

Your company has spent millions in R&D to develop the interface which it is going to position against whatever Microsoft and anyone else is going to put out in the next year. What do you do to preserve your brand identity?

Aqua is going to be Apple's signature, the thing that sets OSX apart from Windows and other UNIX platforms. They are going to work very hard to preserve their baby, no matter how rough around the edges it is right now (functionally speaking, of course)

Themes will likey evolve in OSX as they did in 9, Apple has other things to worry about right now.