Mac to Pc File Sharing


I'm trying to transfer my Mac iTunes library to a windows machine. The easiest way I can figure to transfer the information is to drag it on to the server at my office. Unfortunately, the server isn't recognizing my Mac information. The file names are too long, etc. How can I re-format the data so It will be recognized by the PC?
What OS is your Office Server running? - If anything rename them so the only take up 64 or less characters. How are you connecting to the server? Cifs? SMB? - If you are just trying to drag and drop without having a share connected, it may produce some errors. Are you authenticated to the server? How many files? How much space? How much space is left on the server? Have you tried connecting to your Mac via FTP (considering you took your mac there and connected it up via Ethernet or if your office PC is a laptop and you took it home and connected it up)? Those are just a few questions:
Mainly just rename them to be less than 64 characters, and be sure your connected to a share. SMB://ipaddress_to_server or cifs://ipaddress_to_server
The easiest and quickest way, by far, is to use an external hard drive formatted to fat32. fat32 can be read and written to by Windows and OSX. Copy the files from the mac to the external drive and then move the drive to the pc and copy them onto that pc.