Mac User Upgrading From Handspring Visor Platinum W/ Sprint Module to Treo 650 Sprint


What's the best way to move my data on my Handspring Visor Platinum to a Treo 650/Sprint? For my Visor I use Mac OSX v10.4.2 with Palm Desktop v4.1 and HotSynch Manager v3.1 . I also use a MemoryModule backup with an SD card. I am probably one of the few that use a Sprint cellphone module with the Visor. Works great but no email capabilities. Daily AvantGo downloads are my way of keeping up to date newswise. Terrific combo and I'm hoping not to lose any of these capabilities with the Treo 650 while improving DataViz to Mac capabilities. I gave up on DataViz a few years back when they didn't elect to support OSX. Hope it's better now. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.