Mac Warhouse has the new iBook 600 CDRW/DVD Combo in stock!!


Just a heads up. I have been drooling over the dual USB iBooks ever since they came out, but a little nervous about buying a laptop (I have a hard time spending money on things I don't REALLY need). Anyway I decided to bite the bullet and order one at Mac Warehouse. I asked if they had any in stock, knowing they would say no. To my utter shock and disbelief the gentleman told me they had 50 and I could get it shipped overnight for Friday delivery! :eek: I about dropped a load in my pants. I confirmed the part number. It was correct. I asked again. He said "Yes." He then replied saying, "This this is the top of the line 600Mhz iBook just released from Apple." He also mentioned they JUST came in within the last 2 hours!!! Hopefully I will get it tomorrow sometime between 8 and 5. So those of you out there wanting one, ORDER IT NOW!!!

Also, Mac Warehouse is having one of those "free" 256MB RAM upgrades for a $30.00 "installation" fee. Well, it takes an extra day for this "service." If you want it shipped the same day, request they DO NOT install it. The Customer Service Rep I spoke to was more then willing to just toss in the RAM (of course, I still have to pay the $30.00 "installation" fee). Small price to pay to have it shipped the same day.

Although I'm still a little skeptical, I'll keep y'all posted whether or not I actually get it tomorrow. :p