Mac With Os 10.3.3....cant See the Harddrive..


I have a box which seems to have these errors...
Frequent crashes...Safari, Photoshop CS...
When running Diskwarrior, gets 2/3 way finished on rebuilding optimum directory then seems to hang..
Thought why not reinstall?...well easier said then done..Wont see the Harddrive on install...

Added this line..per MacOSXhints page..
in root..

Sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/autodiskmount AutomountDisksWithoutUserLogin true

Still cant see it.
This is a local drive..Hitachi Ata 76 gig.

Thanks for your help and advice on this issue.
Very cool, informative website,
Thanks in advance,
Being a mac newbie..and trying to fix legacy machines at my place of employment...I learned one thing..Mac doesnt use generic disks to load the least the old ones. I had to find the correct CD that went with the box that I was trying to repair.
OK I understand now what you were saying...

Well, this isn't much different from PC makers supplying restore CDs that only work for that machine. The reason for this is to prevent people from installing the operating system illegally on multiple computers. Mind you, it doens't always work but it does prevent you from installing on a number of systems that you would be able to if you were using a full-fledged shrinkwrapped OS install CD.