MacAddict November, 2001


The cover of the November issue of MacAddict looks the most like a cover of MacWorld yet. What's happened to the florescent funn-ness? The shut-down section at the back has a spoof os some other covers they could have run - and they're all more interesting than the one they went with. Wasn't MacAddict's mandate way back when was to not be another MacUser that morphed itself into a MacWorld copy-cat, thereby losing its core audience?


Simply Daemonic
I havent bought MacAddict for 2 years now.
I dont like their "new" logo.
I have to agree though... MacAddict has come a long way from its original pastel issues. My first copy was how to NeXTify your mac, when apple bought NeXT. I remember the piracy issue... those were all cool. This going mobile issue seems unimaginative


macaddict is funnnyy....


has anyone read the german macworlds?

they are 5X thicker and more interesting than the cheapo american ones .... waht's up with that?!


Simply Daemonic
I saw the german MacWorlds (MacWelt) at Frankfurt-main, but I could not buy it because I did not have time :p ... my flight was leaving really soon :eek:!


I used to like Mac Format. Then I got cable internet. I also liked Mac Addict - but then i didn't have any money (don't you hate those years where you don't have a job yet, and you can't bludge of your parents any more!!!). I gave up buying all mac magazines in general. they stopped telling me new exciting things - because by the time the actually came out I already knew what was in them.

That and it takes like another 4 months to get to Aussie land so they are out of date anyway...A