MacBook Air and iPhone won't synch my calendar or contacts


I'm having issues when I sync my iPhone 13 to my MacBook Air (OSX 13.3). I have double checked that every box is checked to sync my calendar and contacts from the MacBook to the iPhone and tried it through wi-fi and connected cable but the info doesn't copy over. My iPhone calendar is empty but it's all there on the MacBook where I had initially entered it.
Ant suggestions on how to fix this?
Are you using iCloud or Google for your calendar and contact base ? iPhone will not directly sync with Mac.
Are you using iCloud or Google for your calendar and contact base ? iPhone will not directly sync with Mac.
I use only the Mac based calendar and contacts, no 3rd party apps. Isn't it supposed to synch when you connect the two devices? It even has check box to synch calendars and contacts. Are you saying that I need to be using iCloud in order to synch the devices?
it was so confusing when I set it to synch with iCloud it removed all the entries from the MacBook calendar. Then it said in order to synch with the phone by cable it is necessary to turn off contacts and calendars in iCloud Drive. When I did that all of my old contacts and and calendars disappeared. In the sync alert it prompted that it would delete almost all of my entries in both calendars and contacts. At this point I don't know which way to have the settings- iCloud on or off?
I am personally working with iCloud and Google. My experience is that iCloud only is more reliable, I added Google to sync on non MacOS-iOS machines. I am not using direct sync for more than 10 years. But that's only my experience.

I am understanding what I do like having the main database on iCloud servers (at Apple) and having the mac and iPhone as local clients used to view and edit a local copy that is then sync'ed on the server. It also allows me to access my information directly on iCloud using any browser. And it remains when I change my mac or iPhone.
how do I save the contacts locally on my MacBook Air? There used to be a heading in contacts that was ON MY MAC. Now there's only ICLOUD and GOOGLE.
I want to have all of the contacts also locally on the Mac in case (when) I have issues with iCloud.