macbook air won't recognize my account password to upgrade software


I have my M1 Macbook Air recently upgraded to OS Ventura 13.2. Today I got a software update message for Ventura 13.2.1. When I click on restart to do the install it asks for my password which I have used forever. It refuses to accept it. What can I do? I'm afraid to shut down the computer now in case it still won't recognize the PW. It was working 2 days ago after being shut down for 2 days of travel.
before I try that I was able to use my currently known password to sync my apple watch for opening apps and more using the same type of window- my user name appeared and asked for my password. I typed it in and it was accepted as usual. Could the software update be another issue not caused by my computer but a bigger systems one?
I shut down and restarted and it accepted my account PW as it always has. No other action or application that requires the PW has refused it, only the software update for the system. Could it be that is part of what the update is attempting to fix?
tech support and the Apple Store techs couldn't figure out what was happening so they erased it and reinstalled Ventura with the .3 update. Now all of my stickies are gone after doing the Time Machine restore.