Macbook power supply under guarantee


I've just replaced the power supply for my aluminium MacBook.

I plugged in the old one today, it went pop, fizz, there was a slightly electrical smoky aroma - and the maglock didn't light up. Fortunately, no damage was done to the computer.

While I didn't mind spending money to get an instant replacement (I needed my computer) - I wondered if it's possible to have the old one serviced - so I've got a spare?

By the way, there hasn't been a recall on power supplies lately - has there? The Authorised Reseller just shrugged at this question.

Perhaps it's covered by the computer's year warranty? The thing is, the power supply isn't exactly in mint condition. The thin cord is a bit damaged, where it got trapped under something. The insulation is damaged. This might possibly be what caused the fault. Or at least Apple Servicing might argue it is.

I'd probably get it fixed under warranty if it was free or cheap - otherwise I wouldn't bother. What do you think?