Macbook slow after Time Machine restore



a few days ago I had to use Time Machine to patch up my Macbook Pro. For some reason the laptop froze at a blue screen when starting.

I fixed this by using Time Machine and went back to my backup of december the thirth. Everything went smootly and works perfectly! But the laptop is much slower then before. At first I thought it was because the system needed some time to set everything straight again, but the performance arn't improving. I'm using a lot of music programm's. (Pro Tools 8, Logic 8) I can clearly see that my laptop can take less then it did before.

Same thing for a game. The game doesn't run that smooth now on the same settings.

Anyone knows what is going on, or can help me?

My english ain't very good, I hope you can all understand what the problem is.



45 gb. It was 19 gb before the crash because I had bootcamp. I deleted it after the restore and that gave me some extra room.


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Try to boot with your OS X disk and use the menu items Disk Utility & Repair Permissions & the disk.


Satcomer, I did the Repair Permissions and Disc. It did restored some persmissions, but that was all. It didn't change anything to the current speed of my computer.

Is there maybe a possibility that the mac isn't using all my memory? I have two cards of 2GB memory. When I go to 'About this Mac' it does see my 4GB memory, but sometimes it just feels like it's only running on 2GB...

Oh yeah, a happy new year to all!


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Go to Activity Monitor with some apps running and post a link to a screenshot so we can see what RAM is being used.