Macbook Won't Recognize Usb In Boot Menu


Yesterday I was feeling stupid so i formated the main drive on my macbook (late 2008 aluminum), the thing is I lost recovery and everything and only thing I could do is create a bootable usb on my windows and install a fresh os x, but there's the problem, I've been trying for like last 18 hours to get it to work but it gave me nothing, it just won't recognize the usb in the boot menu, it won't recognize anything tbh. Funny thing is, it recognized it when i used Yosemite I found on hackintosh zone but it gave me a prohibitory sign at bootup, so could anyone tell me what to do, how could I get it to work? :(
What drive did you use or boot to when you erased and formatted the main drive on your macbook? You can’t erase the drive if you are booted to it.