Macbookpro8,3 Battery Questions


This is an early 2011 17" MBP. The battery cycle count says 502 and the condition says "Service Battery". So...

I find various "How To"s on how to replace the battery. Looks pretty easy. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good place (or a bad place to avoid) when buying a replacement battery?

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I've had mine with the same message for over 2 years now. Haven't really bothered to fix it, even when upgrading the RAM and swapping in an SSD, since the laptop is basically a desktop for now. Still gets 4+ hours on battery the very few times I run it on battery, just haven't seen the need to repair yet.

I'd go with either the MacSales/OWC option pedz mentioned (NewerTech Battery, 1yr warranty) or another OEM (Apple, 6mo warranty) battery.

It is REALLY important that you have the correct tools to do the job. (Phillips #00 driver, Y1 Tri-wing driver) Don't skimp on these...quality tools aren't much more than cheap tools. It's very easy to strip those tiny screws.


Thanks guys. I just had my laptop reboot. The battery (for some unknown reason) wasn't charging but now it is. With an old battery it seems that you don't get a very graceful shutdown.

Its curious that Apple is using the Y1 Tri-wing screws. i wonder why they chose those over torx or the other more common types.


They don't want you messing with it! They pretty much have the repair biz wrapped up too. There shouldn't be any mystique to changing a battery. Ah, the good ol' days when it took all of 5 seconds to swap a battery out.