MACE - Mac OS 9 apps in unix sys'es


Thought this would be interesting to some of you. There's a proggy called MACE which allows you to run Mac OS 9 proggies in unix based systems (as long as they run on a mac ). It's not really an emulator, it's more like running them nativly on unix systems (like Wine does on intel based machines.... you don't know what intel is? keep it that way! :) )

The project is currently on hold. It's the main reason I post it here, maybe there's a programmer or two idling here willing to help em out.

I myself unfortunatly ain't a mac user. (don't flame me yet) I used to have one of them old 68kers (35 mhz :D) but my dumb dad bought us a pc after it got toasted (lightning). That's the stupidest thing he ever did in his life AFAIK. Now I'm damn hungry for a nice mac, especially now that Escape Velocity Nova's on it's way. :(
If you miss old 68040 Macs, here's a Mac emulator sites for PC Windows:
This site has Mac ROM that you can put it in your PC, be sure it has one(1) ISA solt free. The cost for the ROM around $200 - $400.

If you don't want a ROM, here's other one: (Also supports Linux/Unix OS computers)
This site has problem with thier Mac emulator. It supports Mac softwares that run on Mac OS 6.0.7, and part Mac OS 7.0.1.
This site seems haven't updated for a year.

If you want to run Mac OS 7.5.5 or Mac OS 8.1, go to
Heyhey don't feel too sorry for me! :D
I got Basilisk II, I'm running linux now btw so softmac wouldn't work anyways and executer sux. Basilisk II is best though I can't wait for something faster than 20 mhz. (softmac xpress'll be the first powermac emu. though it's windows only :( ) Anyways, Basilisk II runs good old games like EV, Barrack and Apeiron fine so I'm sticking with that for a while. (BII homepage = )

Anyways, I actually just posted this to get some people to work on this MACE thingy cuz it looks like a nice project. I'll keep an eye on these fo's anyways, just to stick on the mac site, m'kay? ;) (mac is a way of life, heh)