MacLink Plus -vs- .wps & .wpd


Some of my graduate students email their assignments to me as .wps or .wpd files, which I understand to be old MSWorks for Windows files.

I recently purchased MacLink Plus, because it promise to "Translate virtually
any file regardless of where it comes from." It tells me it can't open these types of files. Swell. I have enough software to open almost anything else I receive. I would like to find solution to this particular problem. Can anyone help?
.wps & .wpd are Corel Wordperfect files- the Wordperfect Suites all have the capability of saving files as MS Word 6, .doc as well as .rtf and txt. They should be able to "save as" send you the files in one of those file formats.

Corel actually provided free downloads Wordperfect for Macintosh before they yanked their Mac vsn.. it only runs in Classic, but it may be worth a shot- you can find it a couple of places on the web still- like
The extension .wpd is used by WordPerfect. MacLinkPlus Deluxe translates it beautifully. Back in the day when Corel still sold a Mac version of WordPerfect, it bundled MacLinkPlus translators with the suite. The freeware wordprocessor AbiWord opens and edits WordPerfect and Word documents with aplumb.

As for .wps, I am not familiar with it. However, my guess would be that it is WordPerfect Works rather than MS Works. It may even be a misprint of .wp5, which is the WordPerfect 5 extension. If you are unsure of the format of a file, MacLinkPlus will examine its contents and identify it for you. It really doesn't matter because MacLinkPlus has translators for all of these formats.

The bottomline is that MacLinkPlus is a tried-and-true utility that has been around for more than a decade. It has always worked as advertised. I don't understand your difficulty.
MacLink Plus identifies .wps as MS Works for DOS files. The message then reads "This is an unsupported word processing document. In order to translate this file into a different format, you must save the file into a format that MacLinkPlus Deluxe supports. At this point, you cannot use MacLinkPlus Deluxe to convert this file.