Macmail 1.3.11, Safari , I-chat Won't Operate


I am running Panther 10.3.9 on a mac G4 DP. I use mac mail and safari regularly. This morning mail would not open at all, Safari opens, tries to access the home page and has a spinning beach ball.
I have tried the following:
1. trash the
2. Ran the fsck command
3. tried the disc utility and got another spinning beach ball!
Tried I-Chat, can't create a new chat.
4. downloaded new safari program. Installer screen was blank..wouldn't even start!
5. Also, had no luck finding the mac mail program to download from apples site
6. Currently using Firefox for my mail and web.
7. I really need my mail and safari bookmarks, addresses, etc. yikes :-0

I'm stumped. All of my mac mail/web programs are frozen. I did manage to run disc doctor from an install disc and fix permissions. Still no success.

Any ideas? Re-install the operating system?

any help greatly appreciated.



Your "problem" may be something as simple as the server's not responding. Sometimes this happens for any number of reasons having absolutely nothing to do with you or your computer. You don't throw your computer out of the window. Just wait a while and try again.