Macmail Directory


I have partitioned my HD into several drives.
one is for all the soft, including OSX (10.3.9)
another one is for all my mail. (I have done this for years, since I have been using OS9.0)
I have tried to set macmail to use my special e-mail drive, but it somehow disregards the settings and stores all the mail on the OSX drive.

For your information : I have :
- deleted my account in macmail
- deleted the file in the preferences folder on my OSX drive
- redefined a new account in macmail
- set in the advanced account preferences in macmail my directory to be on my email drive
but, no matter what, macmail always restarts on the OSX drive.

What am I to do ?
You have to either mount that partition to ~/Library/Mail (haven't done this in years, maybe someone else can help out here...) or try a symbolic link that would look like this in the Terminal:


Before you do this, you'd have to move your ~/Library/Mail/ folder's content to that second partition, of course, and _remove_ the Mail folder in Library.

However, I'm not sure if works correctly like this, and you have to make sure that the partition is always mounted while is running.