MacNN forums still down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MacNN forums are still down. UBB (Ultimate Bulliten Board) is a very poor designed app. vBulliten Board ROCKS!!!!!

Thats why I bought vBulliten Board for my site. is the best Mac OS X related forums.

Also do check out my forums also running on vBulliten Board.

So who thinks MacNN forums will start to go bye-bye? and people will start going to sites running vBulliten board?

Like this site

My site
and other Mac sites running vbulliten board?
MacNN isn't going to "go bye bye," I don't think. There's over 20,000 registered users, and probably the biggest Mac brain-trust on the web. This site's nice, but there's more questions here than answers.

Even if they lose 1,000 members permenantly because of this outage, they'll recover, and I'm gonna stick around over there.

Of course I'm glad I found this site, too, and I'll check out your page next.


I too doubt that MacNN is going away! They are having problems getting a new server running, but their site is very popular. I read somewhere that it's one of the most visited Mac sites on the web. I ran across this site while MacNN was down, and I'll stick around, because it's also good and useful.
I do wonder seriously about MacNN. They have had problems for 2 weeks in a row now and they only started communicating this as of last week tothe users. One of the admins claimed that they had been hacked badly and that their old server, a PII 350, just couldn't cut it.

I somehow doubt that that is the only issue. And UBB, while slower that other forum engines, is not at fault as it runs very well at maccentral which also gets many hits.

Their machines network performance would have been dependant on other factors such as network throughput, RAM and disk speed aswell, and whether they were playing UT on that machine while people were trying to post and read:)

I suspect that they were seriously in over their heads and were somewhat challenged by the complexities of UBB and sysadmin. The problems at MacNN aren't new, they only came to a head rcently. Getting a new machine will only solve part of the problem. When an admin writes that they are busy "debugging" UBB, it makes me ask what they were doing before and what they exactly mean by "debugging".

If you ask me it means they are having problems with the tweaks that they already did to UBB clashing with the flat file system that it uses. I suspect that they sort of just left the machine to run as long as it did and
now have a huge mess to untangle. /RANT
Over at the vbulliten boards, and other sites, there aretons of people who have bought UBB and then switched to vbulliten board.

Becuase UBB runs on flat files and is CGI based (well maybe becuase of the CGI) and doesn't use a Database for the back end, UBB will crack under pressure.

Go to and do a search on there forums for ubb.

Also the search on UBB is so slow. I guess that is how these boards become popular is cuase of the MacNN fourms down time.

Now how to I get my forums to become popular like these? without a single DIME to be able to advertise?