MacOS 10.1 IS OUT


I am the law!
Steve Jobs showed MacOS 10.1 at MWNY a few minutes ago.
Major improvements:
Faster finder
Moveable Dock
DVD Playback
Finder CD Burning
1 bounce to load IE on a G4

Anyone else care to add to the list?
WooHoo! And look how fast those apps are launching.

Haven't found the download yet...

They've got something like the old control strip embedded in the right side of the menubar.

I don't think it's been released yet, but it ought to be soon. All I can say is, "I want it!" This is insane! The Finder is incredibly fast, as is appliation launching. DVD and CD-R support will be included, as will Samba (Windows Networking.) I just wish he'd tell us the specs of the G4 he's using to give us a good idea of what to expect.
D'oh! is right.
I under estimated the clock speeds of the G4 too. I wish Apple would dump motorola and hook up with AMD :) Strap a velocity engine to an athlon baby! Yeah right...
oh my god we've got to wait until september ... but doesn't it look great? anyone have a time machine?
I'm especially interested in the built-in SMB networking, but I wonder how well-integrated it will be. Steve Jobs confused me a bit by saying it would have SMB client and that Windows computers would see the Mac. Shouldn't that be the other way around?

I feel sorry for anyone who bought a powermac last week, but then who would buy a computer the week before a major expo?

somebody didn't see "The Megahertz Myth"... AMD is only slightly faster than an intel p4 at best. And no way the AMDs are going to be better than the itanium from intel. I just don't see AMD being faster than a G4. Even with the velocity engine.
Just my few cents. Overall a great keynote. I can't believe the G4 you can get for $1699. Unbelievable. And the dual 800 sustaining 12 gigaflops?!?! Yeah, right, amd. (I like amd alot, but I love my PowerPC's) 733mhz for less than 2k.... G4..... yum!
Now I see why DAVE was released as free unsupported software ;). Nothing to do with technical difficulties - more to do with the fact 10.1 has its own built in SMB client! Having said that DAVE caused a kernel panic for me when i tried (and failed) to connect to a remote disk - and it really slow to access from the pc side. 10.1 looks great - as do the new g4 towers :). X will certainly be a strong competitor to WinXP come september.

Oh, thank you apple for not releasing a new powerbook - ordered mine just before the cdr offer started in Europe.

A G4 without the velocity engine has basically the same performance as a G3. If you use the Altivec Fractal program [get if from version] you can turn off altivec support and see the performance drop [almost 2x in my case on a dual 500]. The mega hertz myth means this: a 733MHz G4 is faster than 1.5GHz PIII yet one has twice as many megahertz as the other.

This only holds true for applications that are built to take advantage of altivec. If you run a process that is not altivec enabled on a G4, it will perform like a 733MHz Pentium [this is an extremely rough example].

I'm not saying that G4s are not fast, THEY ARE FAST. IMO they are the best processor out there [which is why I own 2 of them]. But no matter how you look at it, the higher the MHz rating, the faster the processor is going to be. When you add altivec to the mix, you add a multiplier to your speed, which is why "all mhz are not created equal". If Motorola could kick it in gear and produce chips faster, at higher clock speeds, we would have a REALLY GOOD reason to gloat.

Must I remind everyone about the 500MHz G4 incident 2 falls ago? The 500MHz G4 didn't come out until Valentines day because production was not fast enough. IMO, We would have dual 867MHz G4s right now if Motorola could make the chips fast enough.

When you order a computer from Apple right before they update the product, they update your order for you at no charge. I ordered my first G4 in the first week in February. I really wanted a 500MHz system, but I couldn't wait any longer so I ordered the 450MHz model. I got an email a few days later saying that apple upgraded my order at no additional charge. Boy was I happy :)
That's nice of them to update your order.

The AltiVec is the One More Thing with respect to the Megahertz Myth: You can compare pipelines, PU's, caches, and when you're all done you say, "Oh, and one more thing: the G4 can do from four floating point operations to 16 integer operations in one of these pipe-filling instructions."


I'd like to see a processor-intensive comparison of the G3 to the P4, to see how much the Megahertz Myth is affected by the AltiVec.

Well, now that I've cooled off, I'll use my head a bit...

Your post does make sence. I mean, I remember about 6 months ago people predicted that we would be seeing +1ghz ppcs. And you are right, production is very slow and under.

And I wonder what a velocity engine would do on an AMD. Apple's web site says "The Velocity Engine can process data in 128-bit chuncks, instead of the smaller 32-bit or 64-bit chuncks used in traditional processors..." So in theory, I guess this concept would work on any chip, boosting performance when the application is aware of the VE.

However, I remember that when I purchased my beige G3 back in '98, apple was saying that it was twice as fast as pentiums. And G3's don't have a VE. And, in that last apple test (this morning), the peecee's mhz was twice the ppc's mhz. Yet they did not finished at the same time. The macintosh finished 80% quicker. So, assuming everything is linear here, if they had both had the same mhz, the mac would have finished about 4 times sooner than the pc. And if photoshop wasn't designed for a VE, maybe twice as fast as the pc.

I understand that Adobe is comming out with a pentium 4 optimized version of photoshop, too. I don't think that was used at the show.

I guess what I'm getting at is that if the p4 had a VE, then the ~800mhz macintosh would have finished at the same time as the 1.6ghz pc. But, things don't allways work out like that.

It would be interesting to somehow strap a VE onto a thunderbird or athlon.
I didnt get to see the P4 vs G4 comparison! I was watching the broadcast over the web while I was at work :) We get christmas off...I think we should get the MacWorld expo off.

Anyway, what was the test like?