MacOS Uptodate (in UK)


I sent off my Uptodate form on 27-Sept-2001 (1st class).... i have still not got my 10.1 CD...

... so i called Apple Customer services (08708760933) in the UK.... i was told that i should have 'something' by Monday or Tuesday Next week (23-Oct-2001), but that they don't currently have a database to allow them to check the status of the 10.1 uptodate program.

Apparently, if i don't have anything by Tuesday, i can phone up (again) & they reckon they will have a database on-line....

... Has anyone else experienced this??
I ordered OS 10.1 from Apple Store in Sydney a few weeks ago and have yet to get my copy. I just dropped by the apple store down the road from me the other day and just picked up a copy, just have not had a chance to call apple to chase up my copy or cancel the order.

A friend had trouble getting his copy, they got his credit card details wrong or something.
I phoned in to order my update from the UK applestore the day it was announced.

I'm still waiting.

I phoned a few days ago and they said there was a 12 day lead time so I should get a confirmation email very soon. The resellers in the uk seem to be stalling out by only giving the update cd to their own customers. PC World are the worst offender - I bought my Powerbook (Ti) from them, but I did not qualify for the upgrade because it was purchased over a month ago.

I'm still waiting, and VERY pissed at Apple for the way this whole upgrade farce evolved.
Apple told me PC World weren't taking part in the Up To Date program. I called Apple at Harrod's, who told me they aren't taking part themselves (!) and gave me a couple of other numbers in London. These were not really any good to me, as I live miles away, but a friend took my Proof of Purchase in to some of these stores, all of which had run out of the few updater CDs they were given. So my view is, bollocks to 'em. If you can't pick up the free updater from Apple themselves, and they won't even post it to you for the ridiculous P&P costs, then I reckon you're perfectly within your rights to download it from anywhere you can find it...
Then read this (I live in The Netherlands)

First, I decided to pick up a free copy at a local Apple Reseller.
Then I heard there were two versions, and I wanted the one WITH DevTools 10.1 so I decided to order it via

Then, I couldn't get to the form, later on I could. So I filled in and sent it with the coupons to Apple Ireland.
Later, I discovered, you had to enclose a cheque... :mad:

Last week Thursday, I decided to order a Mac OS X 10.1 upgrade (with DevTools) at the Apple Store.
Now I'm still waiting. So now I'm almost waiting three weeks.

And the frustating thing is to see al those happy people on this forum with Mac OS X 10.1 running... :(

My friend has ordered a new PC last tuesday.
When he has his PC sooner than I have my Mac OS X 10.1 upgrade, I'll burn down the Apple Store Distribution Center :eek:

10.1 arrived this morning (Wed 24-Oct)

After talking with Apple, on the Tuesday, it turns out that the problem has been with the company distrubuting it (SDS) - who basically cocked a few things up, which meant that they didn't start shipping until 18-Oct-2001 !

But, i was incredibly impressed with how helpful Apple were - I couldn't fault them....