MacOS X 10.0.1 - still no sleep???


I just got done playing around with the update and there still doesn't seem to be power management under macosX. How can this be? I can't understand how apple can release what they call a final version without allowing powerbook users to use the operating system when they are on the road. I get about 2 hours under macosx as compared to about 4 under macos 9.1. Is there anything that can be done to save power? Under linux the drive can be spun down using hdparm and sleep is done using pmud. I can't believe apple has left powerbook users high and dry on this one.
I have a Graphite iBook (366 mhz) and I can set it to sleep through the Apple menu <i>and</i> by closing the book. However, in OS X, my machine wakes up in a split second, rather than taking 10 or 15 seconds to fully awaken. Perhaps this speedy wake-up has you thinking that it didn't sleep at all! I also get about 4 hours of battery life on the iBook - it used to be closer to 4.5, but I'm sure it will improve with the release of new versions.

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My pismo does the same thing (goes to sleep and wakes instantly) but I do not get that kind of battery life. I get 2 hours of use tops. I tried playing with all of the settings and it is still the same. I think that the computer is going to sleep but macos X does not have the same power management capabiliies as 9.1. This problem was present in the public beta as well. Are you are able to get 4 hours of USE using macos x on your ibook?

My 466 iBook gets 3 1/2 hours of juice under X, under 4 it gets a full 4 hours. It's not enough to bother me, and I think third party developers will problably answer the call for help.
Thanks for the replies. I decided that since this appears to be a problem with my machine and I tired everything (screen dimmed as dark as possible, energy saver settings to 5 min for HD and screen) I would erase my MacOS X partition and try again. When I installed the first time I installed MacOS 9.1 first and then MacOS X. Since I have 9.1 on a separate partition I just deleted everything on the MacOS X partition and reinstalled MacOS X. Power management actually improved and the system seems a bit zippier. Strange.

It's not your machine. Apple's "sleep" is more akin to day-dreaming in class: you're not exactly coherent, you wake up fast, and you don't get any rest from it.

It's a pretty hot sleep: in order to get that 1-sec wakeup, the computer doesn't go into a very deep sleep, so it uses a lot of battery juice.

As for bad battery performance while you're working, it appears that the 5 hr max only happens with some mystical non-existant OS. Certainly not OS X.

I get 2 hours max on my PowerBook G4. Furthermore, Apple seems to know that it's true, I gather, from the fact that my battery indicator in the dock is at 50% when I have an hour left instead of the 20% it ought to be.

To make matters worse, you can't swap batteries in OS X while the 'book is asleep. You must shut it down completely or plug in AC power (then why would my battery be dead in the first place?).