MacOS X 10.0.4 or greater ?

Apple needs to allow all of the 3rd party companies to use software update for distribution. It really annoys me that software update is going to bug me about the IE update that I will never download and won't tell me when a new version of Omniweb, Notes, Fire, and all the other great apps that other programmers have made come out.

Lets send feedback demanding that Apple allow other 3rd parties to use software update as well.
Is there a way to download these updates (especially OS X updates that are big) from a non software update source ? Some are too big and it take a long time to get from a dialup.

As far as fire, omni, etc... they are not on software update but IE is ????? :eek:

Will send apple some mail on the matter!

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Yeah, it gets a little overwhelming otherwise. That's where VersionTracker steps in and saves the day.

I just got word from my Macintosh Users Group (MUG) that an update to X will come out in he macworld expo July...version numbers were 10.0.4, 10.0.5, or 10.1. Who knows and it's only a rumor.

I don't think we can expect any updates before Macworld, seeing as how Jobs likes to have "things" to talk about turing his keynotes.

Yeah. July seems right. Only one month away I guess. Still seems like an eternity... Better have DVD support so I can ditch the pain in my ass that is classic.

Also, I think we should stick with the Roman way.... OS X.IV.III for example. Zero would be a problem - have to talk to our Arabic friends, truly brilliant in their coming up with a zero - think about it...- for a solution to that. Maybe just use the null set symbol???

But I ramble... If you followed my other thread in troubleshooting, you'll know my dialup problems have got me all hopped up on Valium. Help me troubleshoot it before I fall asleep......

Or, worse yet, post more messages like this:)
I highly doubt that we will see 10.1 in July, they will Probably save that for September when they really want to kickoff OS X. :(

Hopefully they will release a 10.0.4 that has some useful updates.

The main, real, and most useful update I can think of right now is a well coded finder that will run oh, say, 10 times faster than the current finder. Heck just give me 2 times faster finder. I hate having to wait in OS 9 as it is, and in OSX it is just nuts even on a dual G4. But I don't think they will have this update in 10.0.4. We will all have to wait to wait for 10.1 (or is that X.I) in September :eek:

As for DVD, there is a chance in 10.0.4 (X.-.IV), since they do have another few weeks to work on it and it will be 4 months from the initial release. (what are they doing over there at apple, still playing unreal tourney on the G4/GeForce3? :mad: )