MacOS X 10.1: Connecting 2 Computers Directly


Does anyone know how to connect two computers running 10.1 together without a network (iMac and PBG4). In OS9 you could do this in two ways: by connecting them directly with an ethernet cable and using file sharing over appletalk::ethernet. When I do this in OS X I can use Connect To Server... and I can see the other computer but when I try to connect it says "Login failed / Unkown user, incorrect parrword, or log in is disabled. Please retype..." even though I'm sure I'm using a valid account on the computer I'm trying to connect to (and I've tried both long and short login names) AND I've turned on every freaking sharing thing on in the Sharing preference panel. The second method that worked in OS9 was booting one computer in Firewire disk mode and mount it as a hard disk on the other one. But when I do this in OS X, the computer doesn't see the firewire disk. Can anyone give a solution to either of these methods? I just want to be able to share files between my two computers without booting back into OS9!!! Thanks,

It's not a crossover cable but the PBG4 supports creating an ethernet network without such cables. It works on OS9. Actually I followed the advice of a post on and was able to assign each machine a static IP address on the same subnet mask and connect using AFP over TCP/IP but it was such a hassle and of course I couldn't be connected to the internet while doing this. Wasn't 10.1 supposed to support Appletalk file sharing? If anyone can give any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
Thank you for your help. I did end up creating a location on each machine for peer-to-peer sharing over AFP. It works well but from a user's perspective I wish that Apple had been able to duplicate the ease of connecting over AppleTalk in OS9. In OS9 I can just plug the computers into each other, make sure appletalk is active, and go to the Chooser in one computer and mount the other. This seems to almost work in OSX with the Connect To... option in the finder but then I get the message I reported in my first email. Connecting by IP, as far as I can tell, is much less user-friendly. I have to look up the IP on one computer and then type it in manually on the other (although if I keep the IPs the same, I can always put the address in my favorites). I will check out the ability to have different IPs for the Ethernet and modem ports so that I can be connected to the Internet at the same time.

Does anyone know if the Connect To... is supposed to work with AppleTalk between two computers connected by an ethernet cable? That I can see the other computer listed in the Appletalk network makes me think that I should be able to connect in this fashion.