MacOS X 10.1 Install


I finally got my copy of MacOS X 10.1 from CompUSA (A week late). I've tried three different ways to run the install of 10.1.

First just run the installer from OS X and reboot the machine as asked.

Second Boot directly off the cd by holding down the C key when booting.

Third go into startup disk control panel and select the MacOS X CD as the startup CD.

No matter how I start the computer up I still get the Error Type 0 error message, and the installer quits

I'm running beige G3 500 (XLR8 upgrade), with 192 Megs of ram, 20 GB 7200 rpm drive, and an ATI Rage Orion 16 MB. I've tried taking out the Video Card and the extra NIC I installed. Still get the same error. Any ideas?