MacOS X for PC


MacOS X is the very best OS I know, but I don't have any Mac at home. It's very difficult to get it. I have not so much money
and my new PC is very very fast in all thinkable applications like encoding, games, cinema 4d xl7 a.s.o.
Why apple don't start a pc project with macosx?
Why I must have a very great PowerMac o.s. ?

MacOS X for PC!
That's could be right.
More fans, more users and a better compatibility.

Is there any project in work, which based
on a MacOS X for PC?

Do a search and you will find at least 2 threads on this subject. It's been talked to death...and the answer is no :p

If you want the core of OS X on your PC go and install darwin :)

You said, that I must install Darwin and than I can install MacOS X on my simple PC machine?
It's that, waht you mean?

But, if it's right I can install the MacOS X on my normal PC, or not?
I only must install Darwin?

Okay, if it's that way,
say how to install the Darwin Kernel on my machine
than we can go further

My hardware:
AMD Athlon TB 1400MHz - 266MHz FSB
256MB DDR 133MHz FSB
40GB harddrive 7.200UPM
Kyro2 graphikcard
SoundBlaster Live! Soundcard
MSI K7T Turbo Mainboard

is it enough for Darwin and MacOSX ???
he he no :)
You misunderstood me :)

OS X cannot be installed on an intel machine.

There is a version though of darwin that can be installed on a PC and you can download it for free from apple's site (darwin is free).

Then you can download XFree86 and have a GUI with your darwin.

Em, I was on the Darwin-Download-Site but the files are to large for downloading, so I think.
With 56k the downloading of 200MB files is very buggy!

But back to your GUI.

If I understand it right, you mean:
- Dowload Darwin
- Install XFree86
- Feel fine!

XFree86, is that a GUI for Darwin, right?
That mean, I have a free MacOSX with stable Darwin Kernel?
Or what you mean exactly?
Well no, it's no going to be MacOS X.

OS X is made up of several things some of them being Darwin, QT, Aqua, Quartz and a few otehr technologies.

Darwin is just darwin. Darwin is the core of OS X but it is not OS X. Its one part of OS X.

Exactly how are you going to implement some sort of classic support ??? It seems to me that you guys need to get some sort of

a) binary translation between OS X programs to be converted to acheulus intel bineries


2) some sort of WINE to run win apps, and maybe classix macos support ????

hmmm classic support is'not fundamental I think.... The project try to convert Mac OS X not Mac OS 9, and Mac OS X / unix applications not windows applications...

What the project need dramatically.... developers! only developers :)