MacOS X Icons in linux?


I am currently using Linux on x86 hardware. I am curious about using MacOS X icons (whether they're stock or from websites) on my system. However, when I get them uncompressed or what not, they're all 0 bytes and I can't do anything with them. How do I do this?
most window managers for Linux deal with 32x32 or 48x48 icons (in the case of GNUstep they are 48x48 tiff images), but the icons for Mac OS X are 128x128 in size. You could make icons that look like Mac OS X icons, but it would be very hard (if not impossible) to use the actual icons.

Yeah, but can it do Alpha Transparency? (I don't use Linux and have never been able to Sucessfully install it, so this is a Serious question)
Then it is really down to getting copies of the images used for the icons. I know of some apps that can open and edit Mac OS X icon in the Classic OS, but I don't know of any for Linux off hand. But once you have the images, scaling them in gimp is no problem. Clear screenshots of icons at their near largest (or at least close to or great than the 64x64 size) would be the best way of starting. This site has a ton of screenshots in the screenshot section.