MacOS X Install Problems (Please Help)


I have tried everything. I contacted Apple and they are stumped as well. I have an original PowerMac G3 Beige. It was originally a 233 however I got my hands on an Apple 300 and overclocked it to 366.

The machine also has a USB PCI card, a Game Wizard Voodoo II card and a TurboTV PCI card. The machine is equipped with 6MB of ATI Rage II+ video ram and 224MB of system memory.

The kicker here for me is that OS X PB works with no problem still. The Apple tech had me perform several different tasks up to and including formatting, partitioning, removing all PCI cards, resetting the Cuda chip and flashing the PRAM. Nothing works.

What happens is this: When booting from the OS X cd, it starts working and gives me the standard happy mac with the spinning color wheel in the top left corner.

After several seconds, the happy mac is replaced with what appears to be a black and white system folder that is torn into two pieces. This is really strange to me, but if any one has managed to overcome this please let me know. It is very annoying.

I have tried to install the OS X public beta and run the update installers from the OS X final CD, but all I end up with is an error in the middle of the upgrade and a non-working OS X public beta install. It then only boots into single user mode (i.e. pressing S during startup).

I have also tried to boot into single user mode from the CD, but that fails. I am at a loss. My machine hums along just fine under 9.1. The fan and heatsink cooled G3 crashes once in a blue moon and I associate this with software failures not hardware.

The tech requested that I have the original apple cd rom drive and hard drive. The problem is that both of these units have since failed in the time that I have owned this machine. I have replaced the CD-Rom drive with a 50x drive that boots every Apple bootable CD I have tried. The hard drive is a 15GB model made by IBM with which I have also had no problems. Finally the tech requested that I replace the original CPU. I did what I could, I underclocked the CPU to 233 as I no longer own the original. These are the only weak points to the whole story.

Understand that overclocked and fully loaded everything works with the Public Beta. Please help me out there. I know there are others that are more resourceful than I, but I am usually the one that my friends go to in a situation such as mine.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

Gabriel Harrison
No need to be rude... besides as I've mention before. The public beta, which might I remind you, is a lot slower than the final release.

There is no reason that I shouldn't be able to run it on my 'junkyard'. No to mention that Apple offers support my 'junkyard'.

With that attitude, I'm surprised you've ever taken to the Macintosh platform to begin with. What are you some sort of disgruntled wintel convert?