MacOS X on my Cube

I am a freshman in college, and until I bought my G4 Cube last fall, the most advanced computer I had was a performa 631Cd (yup, that's right, an LC040, not even a real 040 let alone PPC). So, since I live near my Penn State campus, and I work in the computer labs, I use the internet access there every Thurs. (yayT3 line). This Thurs. will be something see I got Mac OS X on Saturday and naturally installed it then. I have since not restarted, something I usually have to do once or twice a day when my OS 9.1 finder crashes on my external 40G Maxtor firewire drive. Now, two days after installation, and no restarts. I believe that the first time I shut the computer down will be for its weekly trip to Penn State Abington, and that will set a pattern for the future. I love this OS! Soundsticks I bought a week ago work, my Maxtor drive is recognized w/ no native drivers to install, my USB microphone works, it all works!! It's fast, it's pretty, it's fun! Just thought I'd post a success story amid all the complaints.
I just got a G4 Cube too. Primarily to get into OS X. I haven't owned a Mac since I went to Drexel. I program Java to work with a lot of XML in Jenkintown. What kind of microphone did you get? I was a little disappointed to find that the Cube doesn't come with one.
Hi Leiby, I'm from Jenkintown, PA- Who are you and where in Jenkintown are you? I would love to meet with a local Mac fan and converse- I have to say Mac OS X is now my primary OS, and I still love it. I can access everything on the Penn State dialup connection better than before, and everything is smoother and faster and more stable!
I was disappointed by the lack of microphone, as well.

I would be interested in hearing about 'microphone success stories'...
MacAlly has a nice USB Microphone...really nice actually, and I personally know that sheepguy42 has the ivoice from MacAlly, and loves it. Their optical mice are awesome too, MacAlly is the Shiznit!